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Digital transformation is a necessity in the sustainability of businesses in an increasingly complex, digital world. It makes our businesses more productive, scalable, and adaptable, allowing businesses to make cost saving decisions based on real time information and deliver high-quality services and products consistently. In short, digital transformation unlocks optimal business performance. 

Optimal business performance is driven by accuracy, speed, and consistency. Our ability to perform faster, make more accurate decisions and consistently deliver high quality products and services are what sets us apart from our competition. It is what makes us sustainable in a fast-changing digital world. 

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At Tangent Solutions, we use dynamic and innovative technologies to ensure that your business’ systems, processes, and data analytics work with speed and accuracy, ensuring you deliver consistently good services and products. In short, we help make your business more productive, scalable, and adaptable… unlocking optimal business performance. Take our free Business Performance Assessment today and assess how optimally your business is performing.

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Unlocking optimal business performance depends on having the right systems and processes in place and the ability to analyse data quickly, and accurately. The right digital systems will ensure client engagement and access to information on platforms that caters to your clients’ needs. Transforming your processes through new and innovative technologies, will see to it that the best possible service, solution, or product is delivered, every time. It will also eliminate wasting time, resources, and money. The ability to analyse and correctly interpret data in real time guarantees that you will be making better decisions about your business, faster. 



Through the use of cloud solutions, built on technology that suits your business, we offer dev ops driven mobile solutions, e-commerce platforms and application development that can help transform how you service your clients. At Tangent Solutions, our innovative software company follows an agile methodology to help your organisation unlock optimal business performance.

Intelligent Automation

Improve your business speed, efficiency and customer experience through Intelligent Automation. Our RPA and process mining helps to accelerate operational delivery and reduce costs.

Moving to the Cloud

As a innovative cloud development company we leverage the intelligent cloud to provide your business with more elasticity and high availability.

Microservices Architecture

We utilise a microservices architecture approach which allows for the development of small, independently deployable, modular services.

Mobile Solutions

As a Premier Xamarin Partner we have a strong mobile development team, experienced in developing using Xamarin or Native technologies.


We utilise a microservices architecture approach which allows for the development of small, independently deployable, modular services.

Full Stack Services

We develop custom apps that can connect to your existing ERP which are easier to use and which will surprise and delight your clients.


We use DevOps across all projects, throughout all stages of the development lifecycle in order to build resilient systems.

Digital Transformation

We specialise in innovative digital solutions that can leverage current technological advancements to create digital disruption in your organisation.

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Tangent Solutions is a young and energetic company taking an innovative and disruptive approach to software design. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, UI Path Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Tangent Solutions prides itself on engaging and partnering with the world's top companies in the fast-paced and dynamic technology community. Our Open Source Dev house is Cloud first, DevOps first and Agile first.

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